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I Want To Be Your Private Eye

My name is Pam Sween. I have been a licensed private investigator and the owner of my company since January, 1999.

Sween Investigations is by charming historic downtown Glendale, Arizona, which is a suburb of the Phoenix Metro Area. To sum up our experience and expertise we specialize in locating people, assets, and information nation-wide.


We use our skills, knowledge, and imagination to achieve your goals. Please visit our service page for some examples of the types of investigations we perform. If you do not see your particular need on this list, it is not that we cannot help you, but may enlist the help of others for you or simply refer you directly.

We have many associates to help who are task-specialized. They possess the appropriate qualifications and/or equipment necessary to do different types of investigations.

We may be able to help you find an alternative that can better suit your circumstances and finances. After many years in this business, I have obtained a myriad of resources, and a cast of trustworthy professionals to assist us in providing the best service possible for our clients. There have been many would-be cases over the years where a professional investigation was not even necessary – the problem was solved over the phone.

Your consultation is always free, we are here to help. If you have questions about hiring a private eye in Arizona, check out their license on this website from the Arizona Department of Public Safety:

If you are looking for an attorney, you may want to check them out at If you already have an attorney we would be glad to work with them, and coordinate our efforts on your behalf.

Check us out on our Testimonial Page. We value the great client friends we have made over the years.

Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated. Others may benefit from your questions and comments. We hope you find the information we provide helpful in your business and your personal life.


Pam Sween
Owner and Lead Investigator