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Slimy, Creepy Child Molesters

This is a revised and updated article I wrote and published back in 1999 on my first website. It was reprinted many times on other websites. I felt it was important enough to appear on my new website in my blog. It is now 2011 but not much has changed in predator world – there are just more of them.

Slimy, Creepy Child Molesters

The world can be a very scary place for children. As a single dating As a parent you have dual concerns; for your own safety and the safety of your children. Before I go on with this very disturbing article, I wish to preface my remarks, by saying that there are a lot more good men and women than bad ones. The purpose of this article is not to bore you or scare you into never meeting or socializing with anyone. The facts are that children can be sexually abused even when there are two parents in their lives. My hope is to enlighten you on the simple, and innocent encounters your child has everyday that could turn into something more with a “Bad” man or… a woman.

The perpetrator could be your significant other, your babysitter, the contractor, repairman, anyone with access to your child while you are at work or away could be suspect. Maybe while you are home. Perhaps your friendly neighbor, close business associate, a favorite teacher, or even a member at your place of worship could be pedophile. Anyone.

Check out the Internet resources on this web site and begin your own investigation. It is imperative that you remember that these states/counties have various update times and will only list the convicted child molesters. They may have been arrested for the crime, but never convicted. They may never have been caught. You can obtain someone’s criminal records. We can help.

What can you do?

Talk to your children about sex, strangers, and what to do if someone is acting inappropriately toward them. The more you talk with them, the more they will ask questions, and open up the lines of conversation. Get to know their friends and their parents.

Do your research

Check out articles online about how to talk to your children about sex offenders such as the fbi parent guide for internet safety.

It can take a village to raise a child

Call the police in your town to report any questionable activity with a child on the Internet, or in your community. Encourage education on this subject in the schools. If something is happening to someone else’ s child – don’ t look the other way, and assume someone else will do something. Report it. We all need to be concerned.

Child molesters do not look different – they are likeable – they can be very good looking, and persuasive…

Most prey on children they already know, not strangers. Most have had a prior relationship with the child. Most children are victimized in their own home, or in the pedophile’s domain.

Many child molesters seek out women with children. There are many single women looking for prospective mates and stepfathers. If the sexual predator can get close to Mom, they will get close to the children. Some act like the “Big Brother” type providing male bonding where no father exists. Or, the kind elderly grandfather.  He may even seem like the answer to your prayers. Please take a harder and closer look. Personal background checks are not a waste of time or money.

There is safety in numbers…or is there?

The sexual predator may take a group of children, but may be able to cunningly calculate how to get one child alone. Parents think because there are so many others their child is safer. He appears fun and trustworthy. He may have neat toys such as a boat, motorcycle, a cool house, or cuddly pets that are very attractive to children. A child molester can be very very  charming.

A child molester has no identifying economic or social status. They are in almost every type of occupation and income level. A major CEO of a huge corporation, making a million dollars a year, is just as likely a suspect as the school janitor. Sadly, there have even been pedophiles arrested, and convicted in law enforcement.

Most child molesters prefer children just before puberty, and prey on a child’s sexual ignorance and curiosity. To quote one molester, “Give me a kid who knows nothing about sex, and you’ve given me my next victim.”

The Internet is a seductive source for the pedophile. We know pedophiles are known to hang out in Chat Rooms on the Internet. They represent themselves as children and “groom” kids. They spend weeks, and sometimes months getting to know a child before they make the move. They are very clever at extracting personal information from kids. They become their “Secret Friend.” Don’t let them spend hours on the computer without you knowing what they are seeing. Have the computer in a common room, such as the family room.

Check out the national sex offender registry on the fbi website
It even has the territories, and the Indian communities, as well as all the states. This is the best place to begin your search. Many of the states have further information, and articles regarding sex offenders. This is a great site with great information for the public. Don’t forget to bookmark it.

Firefox and Thunderbird Pedophile Reporter fully approved!!

Mozilla has approved the Thunderbird and Firefox Pedophile Reporter add-on’s.



Please pass this information on to any of your clients, friends, family, or anyone that is a parent.

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