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You Can Find Anybody

You Can Find Out Everything About Anybody on the Internet or in a database?

Googling you will usually hit a free site and they will take you right to some morsels of information – many times too much non-related information. You get so far and then you need to pay to see the rest.

The information that is sold to the public is usuallly not real time information – it is old and very redundant.

If you looked me up you would definitely find me. But, I have been in the same place since 1994 and I am not hiding. Even if i were not in business you would still find me – FREE. See the Legal Corner for some free people locating sites. If you find any on the Internet that you were impressed with – let me know. Like you, I am always looking for something FREE. We do use some free sites in conjunction with our proprietary databases and resources. After all 411 for a phone number should be the first call.

Private investigators, law enforcement and the FBI have files of people they are unable to find. Some cases have been open for decades. The FBI has phenomenal resources and a variety of professional law enforcement specialists with varying degrees of expertise at their disposal. Some people can really disappear. Some are not trying – it is their lifestyle. Many hard to find people could be found but at what cost?

Get Records Online

In some states public records are more public than others. Each state is different and categorizes their agencies as well as their data in many different ways. Arizona is one of the better states for truly public records. However, you have to know what you are looking for and be able to tie that information to your subject. In quite a few states it is not online and in some it can cost quite a bit just to have clerks look the information up. Or what may need to be done is send a professional in to dig for the records. Even in Arizona the best way is to go where the records are. The records that are on their computers downtown are not what is online. A docket is not the record.

How Does a PI Utilize the Internet?

Professional private investigators would never rely solely on the information obtained via the Internet or one database.    Research and initial attempts at locating someone may be performed utilizing the Web for a starting point. We do look at social networking sites, public records, but we need to verify what we find. The morsels of information can grow when put into proprietary resources that will verify that information or many times will lead to information that is more productive and not available to the public. The internet appears to be all public – but it is not. There are many areas that are not accessible unless you know how to access them or you subscribe to their service.

Professional investigators generally do not use data sources that are available to the public to crack a case. Information brokers that market data sources to the investigation community are concerned with our opinions of their service and the accuracy of the information they provide. We are their clients. Word of mouth in this specialized community can make or break them. The major players in the cottage industry of information brokerage cater to investigators, law enforcement, attorneys, and businesses with a legal purpose. They do not sell information to the general public.

Good companies have ethical standards and are concerned with liability issues and paying more insurance.I doubt most of you would appreciate your private information to be that readily available. And it is more than you know. However, investigators do not just look people up unless we have a reason. the types of information in proprietary sources is used when someone owes money, needs to be served, is not paying child support, someone has a judgment they are trying to get paid on, they are missing heir, they have money coming to them, they or their business is suspect. Many reasons – but they are legal reasons.

When the public orders a report from a data company over the Internet – they are a customer. There is no ongoing relationship. The information is generally inferior. To most info pushers that sell direct to the public your credit card is more important than your satisfaction. Investigators utilizes information brokers again and again.

When the public gets incomplete or wrong information, they chalk it up to a bad experience, and walk away. If we get burned it spreads like wild fire within our network. Collectively, we are always shopping for new sources that provide the most accuracy with the least amount of turn around time and the lowest price. Accuracy is always Number One on the list. We have verify our information.

Data sources, techniques, and our contacts in the investigation industry, as well as in other industries, allows investigators to obtain information that cannot be obtained any other way. We have some unusual ways of getting information that is not well known to the public. In other words, trade secrets.
The Internet is used more as a medium to download the information from databases we subscribe to or to contact our many sources. The Internet has accomplished something rather special within the investigation community – email networking. Investigators connecting with each other, sharing information and expertise. This is contrary to what the public views on television. The lone investigator, sitting in their office waiting for the phone to ring, and wearing out their shoes on the street.

We network with each other and many times help each other solve cases plus provide access to other sources. These days when you hire an investigator you may be getting a lot more for your money than you would have in the past. We are faster and better connected.

The web is merely a research starting point. Many times the Internet is utilized by investigators to research legal issues, or to promote our business just like every other business owner on the Internet.
Having a network of private investigation colleagues with a variety of specialties is imperative to a professional investigator. Knowing where to get specific information saves a lot of time and consequently the client money. As a body of professionals we refer business to each other due to time restrictions or if the case exceeds our level of expertise. It is important for an investigator to have a strong networking referral base.

Investigators have specialties just like any other profession. You would not go to a tax lawyer for a divorce or an orthopedic surgeon for an earache. It is the same with private investigation. You would pick one that specialized in accident investigation if you were disputing car wreck. If you need to find people and assets, you should pick an investigator that specializes in that area. If it is a criminal matter there may be different skills involved such as forensics. Some agencies specialize in surveillance. There are even investigators that specialize in computer crimes and tracking emails. It is a huge dynamic field with many skills and talents derived from other occupational fields as well.

Want to help yourself?

Begin your research by visiting the Legal Corner on this web site. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact me by email at I would be glad to help you with your case or refer you to someone who can. The initial consultation is always FREE.


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