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Process of Service – Some Frequently Asked Questions

We work with many attorneys, process service companies, investigators, and businesses in Arizona, nationwide, and sometimes for those in other countries. But we do much of our work for the public. We serve Family Law papers; lawsuits; Writs of Garnishment; Orders of Injunction and Orders of Protection; plus Forcible Detainers to name several types of documents that we might serve. For many, we have been the very first company that ever served their papers. With some we have had an ongoing relationship for years – many over a decade.

Why do papers need to be served?

The other side needs to be notified in a formal way that can be proved so that the court is able to resolve your matter. Once they are served they must appear or face the consequences of not appearing. Those consequences vary depending on the type of case. In civil cases, they may end up with a default judgment against them. If they do not appear for a hearing in a family law matter they could lose rights to their children. The service of process is very important and can determine the success of the outcome of your case – sometimes years later.

Is there any particular times in which documents cannot be served?

In Arizona we can serve documents every day of the week 24/7. Some states do have restrictions and we serve papers for them according to their laws. We maintain a list of states and the restrictions for service of process.
We base flat fees that will depend on the answers to these questions:

  • Where is the service address is located?
  • Must there be personal service only?
  • Can the  documents may be left with a person of reasonable age and discretion at the residence – if so, what age?
  • Can the documents be posted if no one answers the door? (These restrictions will vary in different states)
  • How many entities are to be served, such as corporation(s), individual(s), companies, corporate officer(s)?
  • What is the time frame in which the documents must be served – is this a rush service?
  • What time of day must attempts be made?
  • Is there is a valid address, multiple addresses, or does the subject need to be located first?
  • How many attempts are necessary? We generally quote for three (3) attempts but may quote for less or more.
  • Must the affidavit or proof of service be notarized? Many out of state affidavits must be notarized. In Arizona, there are very few if any documents that are notarized with process service. We do what is called an Certificate of Service.

What is Alternative Process Service?

The Courts in Maricopa County may allow an alternative manner in which your documents can be served upon the subject. If they evade service, or cannot be found, and due diligence has been performed, they can, and many times do, allow some other means for service of process. We will not give you legal advice but we can direct you how and where to go to get that assistance. We are familiar with most types of alternative service.

Do you have to be face to face to carry out a serve?

Not necessarily. We are familiar with other ways to accomplish the service.

Can you break a door down or climb a wall to carry out a process service?


What areas do you cover?

We handle Maricopa County but can assist you in finding process servers in other areas as well.
Call Pam locally at 623-937-8052 or toll free at 800-790-5911.

As of the 2010 US Census Bureau Data:

Arizona’s population was 6,392,017.

Maricopa County’s population was 3, 817, 117 – more than half the population of the entire State of Arizona is in this county.

Maricopa County is over 9200 square miles.

There are 15 counties in the State of Arizona – Maricopa County is the largest and is surrounded by mountains and desert.

Arizona has one of the largest Indian populations, more than 14 tribes are represented on 20 reservations throughout the state.


Please check the box that says “deliver without signature,” and request they put the document package into our secure mail slot by the door. If you physically deliver the documents, and your check payable to Sween Investigations, please use this same delivery slot.


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