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Affordable – Fast Turnaround Service When You Need It

Some of Our Services are as follows:

  • Process Service
  • Asset Searches
  • Background Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Missing Heirs Witness Searches – Witness Statements
  • Investigations of Claim Background
  • Checks Undercover Operations
  • Online Social Networking
  • Investigation Due Diligence
  • Cohabitation Investigation
  • Hidden Assets Investigation
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Lost Family or Friend
  • Skip Traces Phone Traces
  • Phone Number Searches
  • Tenant/Roommate Checks
  • Sexual Offender Searches – See the Legal Corner
  • Finding Missing Clients
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Notary
  • Comprehensive Information Resources
  • Public Records Research
  • Proprietary and Extensive Databases
  • Court Research & Document Retrieval

Attorneys and Professionals:    Get in the Fast Lane – Stop doing it the hard way!

Attorneys — Take the load off of your paralegals and staff. Do you need to locate someone to serve documents? Do they owe you or your client money? Need to collect money to satisfy a judgment? Need to find a witness or a missing heir? Call us. Your clients will be happy you did.

Process Servers – Are they sending you all over town? Let your clients know about our services. Let us help you help them. Or let us perform your skip-traces for you. Multiple data sources are expensive. Let us be your secret weapon.
See the Legal Corner on this web site for additional resources and links you may use to begin your investigation right now. If they do not work for you – call us! Let us HELP you to find a solution that will work for you.

Because of the confidential nature of our services, it is impossible to quote prices for services within this web site. We tailor our services to the needs of our individual clients.
Please Note:    Social Security Numbers, if not provided by the client, will be provided with a legal permissible purpose or signed authorization from the subject. Otherwise, the social security number will be omitted from the report.

Those that are seeking to locate someone will be asked to provide a legally permissible purpose or allow us to contact the subject in their behalf. It is not our intention to provide information to possible stalkers or to cause harm to anyone. The subject(s)’ permission will be requested prior to release of any location information to the client. So if you are looking for your old girlfriend Sally or your old pal Bob, we will find them for you, but we will contact them first to obtain their permission.

DISCLAIMER: Information provided is derived from public records and human sources. Pamela Sween, Private Investigator/Sween Investigations cannot be an insurer of the accuracy of any information. The user understands and agrees that the accuracy of any information is not guaranteed. The user releases Pamela Sween Private Investigator/Sween Investigations, it’s employees, and independent contractors from liability from any negligence in connection with preparation of such information.

Also, please note the accuracy of the information will vary with the information received from the client. Common names, such as Smith and Johnson, will yield significantly different results depending on what identifying information is provided to the investigator by the client (examples: social security number, date of birth, middle initial, previous known addresses, etc.) and will make verification less time consuming and less expensive.