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“During my own 20+ years as a legal investigator, I have never come across another investigator who is as personable and professional as Pam Sween. She provides accurate, efficient, yet thorough investigative support. She is utterly dependable and discreet. With too many PI’s, your worries start once you’ve hired them. With Pam, your worries end the minute she answers the phone. I cannot praise her work highly enough.”
Brian Lee Knopp Private Investigator Asheville, NC
Author of  Mayhem in Mayberry: Misadventures of a P.I. in Southern Applachia

“We want to commend Pam Sween on the service she provided in locating a missing heir in a trust administration matter. Her professionalism went above and beyond in the due diligence efforts she undertook. We had tried to locate the heir on our own using databases, address searches, and mailings to no avail. She was able to find an individual who had no permanent address, was living in shelters, or a homeless state, and provide the heir with a substantial sum of money. She further helped by going with him to open a bank account and check into temporary living quarters. We want to thank Pam again for the excellent service she provided this firm.”
Craig E Wilson, Esq. at Fullerton Lemann Schaefer & Dominick

“I am writing this letter to share my high opinion of the work done by Pam Sween. The results have been consistently good and she has earned our trust. As a busy personal injury law firm we have a need to find investigators we can trust. The difference between a reliable investigator and a poor investigator can be the difference between success and failure. To some degree, this can place a client’s opportunity to achieve a fair recovery squarely in the hands of Pam Sween. Since we started our practice in 1996 we have used no investigators for as long as we have used Pam Sween. She simply continues to demonstrate a high level of professionalism, competency, and service. I am happy to recommend Ms. Sween to any attorney who needs her services.”
Mark P. Breyer, Esq. at  Phoenix AZ

The firm I was a law clerk at for years used Pam Sween for service of process and private investigation for well over a decade. Pam always goes above and beyond. Attention to detail, creativity, and experienced are terms that describe her work. I highly recommend Pam Sween and hope that you will carefully consider her when professional services are needed. I recommend her to my personal friends and clients. She is always there for them.
Tim Renyer Independent Insurance Broker Glendale AZ

“Locating someone when you are out-of-state, and thousands of miles away is next to impossible.  Sween Investigations not only located the individual for me but served long due court documents as well.  The professionalism, knowledge of the law, persistence and determination to complete a job are only a few accolades I can think to describe Sween Investigations.   It was a pleasure to work with them; their fees are more than reasonable and I never would have accomplished my goal without their loyalty to me as a client.  Best in their field!!!!!”
Lorraine in Kentucky

“My neighbor is 87 and she has an older brother named Tony that many years ago moved to California. Last year their younger sister died. After the funeral I asked my neighbor if she had been able to contact Tony. She did not know his address or phone number. I emailed the Digital Women list and I told them the story. I got a reply from a PI in Arizona, Pam Sween, who asked me if I knew his last address. I was able to give her the area and the street name. She let me know there were over 500 apartments in the area but none listed under his name. She sent me a list of the most possible listings she found. I recognized a lady on the list named Nellie. She was his neighbor about 10 years ago. I called the phone number and introduced myself to Nellie and I explained I was trying to locate Mary’s brother to let him know that his sister Clara had died. She told me that Tony had moved in with her because he needed 24 hour care. She gave Tony the phone and I asked him if he would like to talk to his sister Mary. My oldest daughter went across the street to ask Mary to come over. I handed Mary the phone and she was very surprised when she learned who it was. It was such a wonderful moment for all of us. They still remain in contact with each other. With the wonders of the Internet, and people like Pam, with her dedication to finding people, my neighbor and her brother Tony were reunited.
Thank you, Pam.”
Maggie Harrison Erie, Pa.

Follow-up from Maggie later:

“Just wanted to let you know that Tony passed away on Tuesday night. His sister Mary (my neighbor) had not talked to him in years. Well, they have been in contact all this time and the lady that was taking care of him  in California called Mary and told her that her brother had died. He will be buried there with his new family. His relatives back here are grateful to know that he was taken care of and that they were able to keep in touch. So, THANKS AGAIN for the work you do.”

“Just wanted to let everyone on the list know that one of our own has made this Father’s Day very special for me this year. I contacted Pam in May and asked her to help me in finding my father, whom I haven’t seen in over 20yrs, and last talked to about 5-6yrs ago. He doesn’t even know about the grandchildren he has now through my sister and me. I also made contact with my sister that Pam found and learned about her youngest child. Being able to talk with Daddy again has really lifted my spirits…..So THANK-YOU very much Pam Sween for your help in bringing my family together again.  THANKS again Pam…”      Deborah Sargent Digital Women

Debbie’s Daughter:

“Hi, I am Jamie, Debbie’s daughter. I wanted to thank you so much for your help with getting that info of the previous owner of the house I am purchasing. I had the best news today, one of the addresses was the person they were looking for. Turned out he only lived right down the street from the house I am buying!! I am still shocked at the fact that in 3 months time, they couldn’t do what it took you less than 48 hours to do. Thank you so much. You will never know how much I appreciate everything you did.”

“I was a victim of an internet-scammer.  After consulting the police and a family attorney I was told there was nothing I could do. I did not even have a written agreement confirming the covenant between this unknown person, with a very common name, and myself. Having little-to-no history tracking people I resorted to finding a private investigation firm.  Sween Investigations took my case and helped me pursue it to the end. I had documented enough evidence to support my claim but still needed to identify, locate, serve and bring this person to justice.  After diligently trying to locate her in the Scottsdale area, Pam tracked her to a Indian Reservation in North Dakota and got another PI/Process Server to help us serve the documents. Needless to say, Pam Sween accomplished what I thought was only impossible–Sween Investigation’s painstaking research and perseverance brought this person out into the open where she could be found. Pam Sween is a delight to know while her no-nonsense style is a pleasure to work with.”
Cale Mitchell, Chicago IL

“As a business owner, I found Pamela Sween to be professional and affordable in locating the officer of the corporation that I was trying to have served with legal documents. I was referred to her by a local process server and was very pleased with her personal and professional manner. I also appreciated her advice to help my case.  I recommend her highly.”
Richard’s Jewelry  Phoenix, Arizona

“Pam Sween worked for our law firm that specializes in collections in the construction industry. She has shown versatility and proficiency in her use of investigative skills in skip tracing to help us locate debtors for service of legal documents and the assets to collect on our clients’ judgments. She was particularly successful and inventive in contacting numerous agencies to track down defendant/debtors.”
Janis Varrone   Law Firm Administrator